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Just got my Ampeg B100R back from the guys at Guitar Aid - great job, at the right price. I'd use them again.


Very friendly couple of guys that run this place. Knowledgeable and personable service with a quick turnaround. Located close to Putney bridge. I fully endorse and recommend.


I absolutely loved the service, staff is very gentle and helpful. Really good price!!! 40£ for a job I was asked over 100£ in other places. Got the work done in no time at all. The best place in London to get guitar wiring done!


Friendly chaps who did what they promised on time and on budget. Did a great overhaul on my Les Paul, straightening the neck, dressing the frets, and repositioning the nut. I now realise how much the guitar had been hindering my playing.


Greg and his team are absolute Jedis. I have used Guitar Aid London to service all of my equipment for years now and have never been disappointed. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff, fast and efficient service, what more do you want?


Excellent work Greg, thanks so much - new Creamery pickups and my Telecaster Deluxe reissue now sounds like it's supposed to!

Kingsley, Wimbledon

Replaced the nut and setup my Tele. Don't think it's every played better, can't put it down. Many thanks.


Top guys, very professional, quick and friendly. Will definitely be coming back soon!

Miguel, London



Bluesbreaker is sounding great! Can't thank you enough.

Andrew, South London

Had a minor problem with the electronics on my Les Paul, neck pick-up was dropping out (intermittently at first, then seemed to fail entirely). Greg guessed what the issue was before even taking a full look. Bit of a clean-up for the pick-up switch and jack connector, and everything now works fine. Very quick, efficient, friendly and low-cost service. Thank you, gentlemen.

Jim Stewart, Wimbledon

Definitely recommend. These guys have worked on a bunch of guitars (servicing, setups and pickup replacement) for me over the last few years and they always do a great job.


Very friendly and professional service. Greg and the crew from Guitar Aid are my no 1 choice for music gear repair workshop in London. Highly recommended!

Ofer, East London

Great service and attention to details!

Benjamin, Hammersmith

Got my lovely Les Paul back up and running! She's playing great, it's like having a new guitar! Big thanks to Guitar Aid London for getting her back in the game.

Jay B.

Hi Greg. Just I'd like to tell you and your team many thanks for the job done in my guitar! I had a very good time checking it yesterday evening, what a great job guys!


I've been playing the JV Strat on my Fender tube amp and it sounds fantastic, really authentic Strat sound. the fretdress looks and plays great (good advise on that). It's also so nice to have the electronics back to normal or working properly. Thanks again for doing the work.

Rob, Tooting

I took my original 1989 SansAmp pedal to Greg after I'd been quoted nearly £200 for an 'authorised distributor' to repair it. Greg listened to the symptoms, agreed with my diagnosis, and repaired the pedal for £24. It now works as well as it ever has and I couldn't be happier. Thanks!

Gareth, Hampshire

Great service on my vintage Gibson Lucille. It was cutting out during gigs Greg fixed it very quickly, over a year ago now and no problems since.

Chris McKenzie

Greg repaired my Peavey Classic 50 for me. Not only was it at a fair price and done quickly it now sounds absolutely fantastic! So good in fact that the rest of the band at rehearsal commented on it. Great service and wouldn't take my gear anywhere else.

Matt, Beckenham

Very good service!
Where another so called pro shop couldn't fit some pickups to my 7 string guitar, aid did not hesitate. They have off road parking so you can avoid the lizards walking the streets.
I was surprised at the value considering it is central London and will use again for mods or fixes. Very happy!

Thanks Greg!
Simon Robb, Ruislip

Hi Greg, I'm very pleased with the repair you carried out on my Peavey Classic 30. I couldn't stop playing it for hours after returning it home, so much I was enjoying the sound of a professionally set up amp. Many thanks and I shall be visiting you soon with my other amps.

Fabio (Mixed Company, JJ King and The Coolers), Kent

Nothing's more scary than having your amp cut out on stage for no rhyme or reason but Greg was able to get to the bottom of my Mesa Boogie M-Pulse amp issues and fixed them quickly and at a very great competitive price!

Mark, Camberley, Surrey

Greg, My MXR Cabon Copy pedal  arrived safely today and works well. Many thanks. Enjoy the summer. Will look to send boss delay to you in September.

Elwyn, Wales

Great service! Ibanez setup and Squier repair all done in a good time and both guitars were returned in a perfect state. Absolutely recommended!

Gianmarco Caputo

Fantastic service! Replaced the output on my bass and replaced the nut on guitar within 24 hours! Very friendly people and amazing prices too! Would recommend.

D Mac

Lovely chap. Great service. Definitely recommend!!!

David Wentworth

Amazing service, fantastic knowledge and a ridiculously quick turn around. Greg was an absolute pleasure and extremely helpful.

Stefan Liskiewicz

Excellent service!

Anthony Johnson

Absolutely brilliant guys, solved a million issues I had on my instruments and amps for years without any hassle. Totally professional, can't recommend them enough. Literally the only place in London I'd recommend for repairs, setups, etc - well worth the trek and money <3


Amazing people...... fast and professional I will back for sure. Thank guys.

Stefano Sanna

Hi Greg, Just wanted to say "Thank You" for another great job and for sharing your knowledge and skill. I plugged my little guitar in and was delighted as always with your attention to detail and the sound.

Nigel R., Essex

All my pedals are now up and running. Many thanks!

Mak K



Can't recommend this place enough. Greg is friendly, explains everything clearly - and as for the finished repair - my acoustic is now a joy to play again, after having been messed around by someone who didn't know what he was doing. I'll be back here for any guitar-related repairs. Thanks again, guys.

Jon Hunt

Great service, really friendly. Thanks for everything and see you soon.

Mike W.

Probably the most friendly workshop in London. Professional service, individual approach, reasonable pricing - what more would you want? My Les Paul has never played better. Sustain improved so much that I'd be able to go and make myself a cup of tea before the chord fades!

Michał Kubacki

The guitar (Strat) plays the best it's ever plays ad sounds great. Played it for 3 hours straight. Very happy with it. Thanks dude.


Hi Greg. Just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you've done to my Strat. Intonation is perfect and it stays in tune even after hard bending! Sorry for being annoying customer. You are actually the first guitar tech, that really fixed my guitar problems. Thank you very much.


Hi Greg, just a quick message to say the Parker sounds and plays great, many thanks for your help!

Tom, ‎Hertfordshire

Hi Greg,
I just wanted to thank you for your incredible work on my Klone. It sounds superb and your work is so neat and secure, I will not hesitate to use you again, with a less horrible task next time- I can see all the time and work you put in,
Thank you again.

Jack, Kent

Hello Greg, thank you to you and your team for sorting out my new Ibanez guitar, and fixing my soldering mistake with the EMG's. Did so for a good price and in reasonable time. Will be coming to you for any future guitar problems.

Ben, South London

Probably the most friendly workshop in London. Professional service, individual approach, reasonable pricing - what more would you want? My Les Paul has never played better. Sustain improved so much that I'd be able to go and make myself a cup of tea before the chord fades!

Michal, London

Hi Greg,
Just wanted to say "Thank You" for another great job and for sharing your knowledge and skill. I plugged my little guitar in and was delighted as always with your attention to detail and the sound.

Nigel, Essex

I took my beautiful roadworn telecaster custom build to Greg at guitar aid to have the neck put in and set up, i have just got it back can say the work done totally exceed what my expectations were of finishing this guitar. It would lays like a dream and I can't put it down.....

Ian, South England

Fantastic service, saved me with a last minute job before tour. Will definitely be back.

Simon, Middlesex

Hi Greg, just plugged in my H&K preamp and everything is as it should be, thanks. I have been impressed with your communication, speed and price, I won't hesitate to recommend you to others, regards.


I bought an old telecaster in the US which was in dire need of some TLC. Greg and his team managed to transform this into what is now my favourite guitar. The setup is phenomenal and the electronics are working beautifully. Greg also did a great job in revamping the electronics in my 1988 Kubicki bass. I'm extremely happy with all the work they've undertaken.


Hi Greg. Just wanted to say thanks again for the setup of my Sandberg bass. Had a gig with it last night in Shoreditch and it played a dream :).

Sujay, South London

Hey Greg! jammed with the strat last night sounds huge and is beautiful to play you done a great job thank you :)

Grant, West London

Hi. Thanks for the work You did on my guitar. It plays beautiful. Thanks again.

Thomas, Wimbledon

Strat plays and sounds great. Nice job Greg. Cheers!

John, Putney

Hey Greg just to let you know the amp sounds great - distortion is that bit warmer without losing the gain or the shimmer on the clean channel. Thanks very much for sorting.


Great job with the amp. Sounds great.

Steve, South West London

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